NFA Auction
NON-FUNGIBLE APESNon-Fungible Apes (NFAs) are a cryptographically generated set of 1,000 unique, rare, and immutable digital apes. Each ape is created by hashing a string (such as “Strong Ape”) to randomly generate a set of 6 characteristics.
NON-FUNGIBLE BANANASNon-Fungible BANANAs (NFBs) are a cryptographically generated set of 10,000 unique digital bananas. Each NFB has a random set of 10 characteristics, which give the NFB their Rarity rank.
NFA Section
NFA AUCTION HOUSEBuy and sell Non-Fungible Apes through an auction mechanism.NFAs will be auctioned in the order they are submitted. When an auction ends, the NFA will be sent to the highest bidder automatically.
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